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iLashstore carries a wide variety of lash extensions from Classic Lashes, Volume Lashes, Ellipse Lashes to premade Volume Lashes.  We carry many brands of individual lashes including BL Lashes, iLash Ellipse Lashes, and Diamond Silk Lashes. Each lash lash brand has its own unique features as well as options. The classic lash category has a few different options available including the BL Lashes Laser Lash, iLash Ellipse Lash, as well as the Diamond Silk Lashes. The classic lashes range in thicknesses from .10mm to .30mm and are placed one to one on the natural lash. The BL Lashes Laser Mink Lash has a micro laser scribed base that allows the lash glue to grip the lash better which aides in eyelash retention.  The BL Lashes classic laser lash is a more rigid and stiff lash that should be used for clients wanting that bold look. The iLash Ellipse Lash has a flat profile or ellipse shape that gives the lash more surface are for the lash glue to adhere to. These Ellipse lashes are much softer and lighter than most conventional classic lashes like the BL Laser Lash. The Diamond silk lashes are not made of silk, but have a lot of the soft properties of silk, hence the name Diamond Silk. For a detailed description on what type of lash you may need please see our "What Eyelashes Do I Need? BLOG here.