BL Blink Fine Mink/Laser Lashes - C Curl Eyelash Extensions

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Product Overview

C Curl Mink Lash Highlights

  • Laser mink lash design improves retention over 25%
  • Best selling classic mink lash
  • Consistent curls and thicknesses
  • Easy pull and place mink lash trays
  • Works with any glue

laserlash1.gifBL Blink Fine Mink/Laser Lashes - C Curl Eyelash Extensions are a classic synthetic mink lash extensions made from a standard Korean PBT fiber with more rigid properties. These BL lashes are scribed at the base with a laser to allow the glue to adhere to the lash up to 25% longer.  These classic Blink (BL) mink lashes have a natural sheen and will maintain their curl for the life of the lash.  The BL Blink Fine Mink Laser Lash is available in individual length trays (7mm~20mm) in multiple curls in a .10mm~.25mm thickness. More...

Additional Description

These individual synthetic mink lash extensions are high gloss, curled and tapered to perfection, and versatile at the same time. Give your clients a various selection of looks from natural to dramatic.  The idea of creating indentations on a synthetic mink lash has emerged during our study of the human hair itself. Inspired by the fact that the scaly and uneven surface of the human hair cuticle naturally allows better adhesion than a smooth surface, we have created the world’s first laser processed extension lash. Thanks to the indentations on BL Laser lashes that hold the glue, they prevent the glue from forming a glue droplet at the root of the extension lash. BL Laser lashes work wonders with any glue regardless of its viscosity. 

The microscopic laser-processed indentations in BL Laser lashes create an instant bond between the extension and natural lashes. Therefore, they prevent extension lashes from sliding off from natural lashes. As a result, BL Laser lashes deliver a much faster and easier extension experience to lash artists.

The concave surface on BL Laser lashes provides more bonding areas which let the extension last 25% longer than the normal extension. BL Laser lashes offer a faster, easier extension process for lash artists of all skill levels. Those on the first few rungs of the lash career ladder will love the easy application of these lashes.You will be lashing like a pro in next to no time. And there’s something in this for the true professionals too — because this unique product helps advanced practitioners to lash faster, they are able to serve more clients in less time, encouraging the growth of their business. Go to top