Ellipse Lash™

iLashstore Ellipse Eyelash Extensions

The iLash Ellipse Lash has a flat profile or ellipse shape that gives the lash more surface are for the lash glue to adhere to. These Ellipse lashes are much softer and lighter than most conventional classic lashes like the BL Laser Lash. iLashstore was the original supplier of the Ellipse Lash and we hold the trademark on the name. The Ellipse lashes come in a few different categories like the Ellipse Lash Original, Ellipse Lash Satin, Ellipse Lash LashLock, and Ellipse Lash DUO Tip.  The Ellipse Lash Originals are the standard for all flat lashes with a nice soft feel and a shiny finish to them. The Ellipse Lash Satin Lash has all of the same properties of the Original except they have a dull or satin finish to them. The Ellipse LashLock lashes are a great way to get better retention. The Lashlocks are shaped like a saddle and wrap of the top of the natural lash for more surface glue area.  The Ellipse lash DUO tips give a fluffy look at the ends of the lash for a fuller look.