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iLashstore Eyelash Glues

iLashstore carries a wide variety of eyelash extension adhesives and glues. The is a wide range of eyelash glues available from a slow drying sensitive glue for beginner lash techs to an almost instant drying professional grade BL Lashes MACH glue.  Our signature glues are the Flexbond series glues with Flexbond Xhot, Xhot MAX, and Flexbond Sensitive adhesives. The Flexbond glues have a unique property of which is a flexible dried state.  The flexible glue allows a much more comfortable feel for the client as well as putting much less pressure on the natural lashes. The BL Lashes line of glues include the popular Ultra Plus adhesive, a medium-fast drying pro grade glue at an affordable price. Also available in a great professional grade lash adhesive is the Ultra X, Fina, and Ultra Bonding glues.  The BL Lashes MACH glue is an ultra fast setting pro grade adhesive.  For volume lashes, the BL Lashes Glam glue will do the job giving the lash artist a few extra micro seconds to help stack those volume lashes. Also available at iLashstore is the HS Brand glues like HS-10, HS-16, HS-17 and the reliable U+ lash adhesive.  In the sensitive category we also carry Primo Lash brand boasting an extra sensitive glue with some better hold.