Application Tools

  • Flower Glue Palette

    Flower Glue Palette


    This Flower Glue Palette is a silicone glue palette with individual glue storage spots.  When the glue dries up simply scrape the old glue out of the way and reuse.  There is a center dab spot to remove any excess glue on the lashes before...

  • Jade Stone Jade Stone

    Jade Stone for Eyelash Extension Glue


    Jade Stone for glue -  Keep your glue for longer by using this jade stone which helps keep the glue cooler while you are applying the lashes. Please note that Jade stones are a natural stone and can be a poreous material.  Some ingredients can...

  • Colored Vetus Eyelash Tweezers Vetus Gold Eyelash Tweezers

    Colored Vetus Eyelash Tweezers


    Eyelash Tweezer  Beautiful unique coloring Fine point tips, just for lashes Made from premium steel Multiple head shapes Sold as 1 Pair Colored Vetus Eyelash Tweezers A beautiful new look on our favorite isolation tweezers. Vetus...

  • 2 Compartment Glue Adhesive Rings

    Divided Disposable Glue Rings

    $2.99 - $9.99

    Glue Ring Highlights One size fits all Disposable  2 compartments Available in bulk Lash Glue Ring - Adhesive Rings great for use during the eyelash extension application. It is used to hold glue, glue remover or lash primer...

  • Economical Glue Ring Economical Glue Ring

    Economical Disposable Glue/Ink Rings Qty:100


    This is for 100 SIngle Compartment Disposable Rings These are great for use during the eyelash extension application. It is used to hold glue, glue remover or lash primer. Simply put the ring on your less dominant hand & dispense a drop into the...

  • 3M Clear Surgical Tape

    Clear 3M Surgical Tape


    3M Clear Surgical Tape is latex free, hypoallergenic, and transparent.  To be used for pulling the eyelids back to stand the natural lashes up.  This tape is more "sticky" than other tapes, so its not to be used to hold down the lashes. Makes...

  • Nano Mister for eyelash Extensions Nano Mister for eyelash Extensions

    Nano Mister for Eyelash Extensions


    Nano Mister for Eyelash Extensions - Hydrogen is a key agent in the curing process of all of our eyelash extension glues. This Nano Mister sprays a fine mist extracting Hydrogen form the water (H2O) to help cure the glue faster by increasing the humidity...

  • iLash Lash Band iLash Lash Band

    Lash Band


    The Lash Band quickly attaches to your wrist for easy access to your lashes while you are applying.  After use it can be stored flat or curled up just mark what size and curl is on there and you are set!

  • Glass Lash Holder Glass Lash Holder

    Sized Lash Palette - Glass Eyelash Holder


    Glass Lash Holder Highlights U Shaped Smooth Surface Easy to clean Organised by length Spreads lashes open for easier grabbing Works with any tray/strip lash Heavy for less movement Lash Holder Sizes labeled 7mm-14mm for easy...

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