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iLashstore Lash Application Materials

iLashstore has everything the professional lash artist needs for applying all types of eyelash extensions. Lash preparation is the first step in creating great lash retention.  The first step in the process includes using a lash bath or lash wash like the popular BL Lashes Lash Foam. After a good clean the lashes can be prepared with a lash primer like the BL Lashes Lash Primer. The lash primer will remove and oils and micro proteins on the lashes that the cleanser has missed.  For the undereye prep for eyelash extensions, we carry many types of under eye patches, 3m micropore tape, and mapping adhesive stickers. To round out the application products iLashtore carries a few different types of wands for cleansing and combing through the finish eyelash extension application.