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  • BL Lashes Shampoo BL Lashes Lash Shampoo

    BL Lashes Cleansing Lash Foam

    $14.95 - $22.99

    BL Eyelash Cleanser NEW name and packaging, BL Lash Shampoo Same great ingredients Botanically infused oil-free lash bath Super gentle and safe for the eyes Helps maintain clean lashes with extensions Great after care retail product BL...

  • BL Foam Pore Brush

    BL Lashes Foam Pore Brush


    The BL Lashes Foam Cleansing Pore Brush was designed to use with BL Lashes foam cleanser. The lint-free brush hairs help to get deep in between layers of the natural lashes, cleaning the bases of extensions from every angle. Pair the Lash Cleansing...

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