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Posted by iLashstore on 10th May 2022

What Eyelashes Do I need?



Is there a specific type of eyelash that I need?  Everyone who gets lashes has unique characteristics, so this question applies to them all.  Are your eyes almond-shaped? Perhaps they're hooded, round, or monolid? How do you want your lashes to look? Do you want a natural look or a bold "pow" in your face?  Your lash artist will be able to offer you many suggestions about how you can achieve your desired look.  Eyelash extensions are available in many different lengths, thicknesses, and curls. In this article, we will discuss some of the different options and who they are suitable for.

At the inception of eyelash extensions, the J Curl was one of the original curls.  J curls are the flattest of the curls, and are primarily used on natural lashes that are flat or downturned.  Additionally, monolid eyes benefit from the J curl lash extensions, as the reduced curl prevents the lash from contacting the hood.  J curls are not very popular in the current market since they do not provide that extra curly look. The J curl extensions are suitable for those who want a natural look and have monolid eyes. When mapping lashes on Monolid eyes, you should do the Doll Eye and Cat Eye with longer lengths at the inner corners. The J curl is available in most classic lashes including theBL Lashes Laser Lash and Diamond Silk Lashes.

If you are wanting just a bit more curl than what the J Curl Lashes offer then the B Curl lashes might be your best choice. A B curl will have a slightly larger curl on the lash compared to a J curl and will mimic the natural curve of most natural lashes. The B Curl Lashes are ideal for those seeking a more natural look. However, you will only find a few clients in the current market who prefer B curl eyelashes as most prefer to have a larger curl compared to that of their natural lash. The B curl will work for some with Monolid eyes The B curl is available in most classic lashes including the BL Lashes Laser Lash and Diamond Silk Lashes.

For the past decade, C Curl eyelash extensions have been the most popular application.  The medium upright curve gives attention to the eyes but still looks very natural.  As a result of demand, you will find that C curl lashes are easier to come by in different styles and colors  than J and B curls. The C curl also creates a wide-eyed look without making the eyes appear too heavy. These are great to wear on an everyday basis giving a beautiful natural look with some attention to the curl. You’ll find this curl is most suitable for clients with Almond, Round, and hooded eyes. The C curl is available in most classic lashes including the BL Lashes Laser Lash ,Diamond Silk LashesiLash Ellipse Lashes, and most Volume Lashes.

Over the last few years, D curl eyelash extensions have become increasingly more popular.  The dramatic appearance of the D curl extensions can only be worn by certain clients, and it can also be very difficult to apply D curl lashes to the natural eyelashes especially if they are a flatter natural lash.  The D curls give your eyes a much more dramatic look and can even make you appear as though you have "fake" lashes.  If you are seeking a more “natural” look the D Curls will not be the ideal choice. If you have a special occasion or really want your eyes to pop then the D Curl extensions will give you that result! The D curl is available in most classic lashes including the BL Lashes Laser Lash ,Diamond Silk LashesiLash Ellipse Lashes, and most Volume Lashes.


Other curl options we have available at iLashstore.com include: U curls, L curls , and L+ Curls. If you have a monolid or hooded eye, avoid the U curl. It is an extreme curl and cannot be worn in long lengths by most clients. For clients who want dramatic curls but have flat or downturned natural lashes, the L curl line is a great choice.  The flat base of the L curls make it much easier to apply on these flat natural lashes. The U,L, and L+ curl is available the BL Lashes Laser LashiLash Ellipse Lashes.


The thickness of lash extensions can range from .03mm to .30mm and beyond.  Comparatively, 15 strands of .03mm can equal the same weight as a .30mm lash.

A volume set of eyelash extensions usually involves thicknesses from .03mm to .10mm as multiple extensions are applied to one single natural lash.  The lightweight properties of the thinner lashes allows the lash artist to “stack” or “fan” lashes for a “doll like” effect.  These volume sets are much softer and lighter for the client, giving a fluffy and voluminous appearance.

A classic lash is generally between .15mm and .25mm thick, one to one for an extension over the natural lash.  Classic eyelash extension sets are the most common and the thickness of the lash extension is usually determined by the health and length of the natural lashes that they are being applied to. Careful consideration should be given to the health of the natural lash and how much weight that natural lash can support. Thick and Heavy lashes can cause poor retention, irritation, and natural lash loss.


In general, eyelash extensions are available in 7mm to 20mm lengths. Anything smaller than a 7mm would probably be used on a lower lash because it would not qualify as an extension. Typically, the lengths from 11-13mm are most commonly used for a natural-looking look.  Anything longer will give the appearance of false lashes. The length should be determined by a client consultation as well as an assessment of the health of their natural lashes.  The longer the lash, the more weight and leverage you are adding to the natural lash.

Types of Lashes:

There are many types of lashes available depending on your skill level and client’s needs. Types of lashes include Classic Lashes, Volume Lashes, Hybrid Lashes, and Premade Volumes.  The Classic lash category includes options such as BL Lashes Laser LashiLash Ellipse Lash, and Silk Lashes. These classic lashes range in thickness from .10mm to .30mm and are placed one to one on the natural lash.  BL Lashes Laser lash have a laser scribed classic lash base that helps glue adhere to the lashes better, resulting in better retention. iLash Ellipse Lash features a flat profile or Ellipse shape, which gives the lash more surface area for glue to adhere to. Silk lashes are not actually silk, but they have a lot of the soft properties of a silk type material.

Volume lashes are available in the micro sizes ranging from .03mm to .10mm.  These volume lashes are available in individual lengths as well as premade fans. The premade fans are a fast and convenient way to apply a full set of volume lashes. The premades are available in the typical lash tray with about a 100 fans or they are also available in BULK loose form with about 500 fans per container. Both volumes and premade volumes can be used for Hybrid Sets as mentioned in the next paragraph.

The term hybrid lashes refers to lashes that are a combination of classic and volume lashes.  The hybrid set provides the lash artist with the opportunity to fill gaps by fanning out volumes within the classic set.  These hybrid sets also give that mixed feathery look that is very appealing to some clients.

With all the Eyelash Extension options out there, iLashstore will have the right lash for you!

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