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iLashstore.com is your ultimate online eyelash store resource for the highest quality Synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions and all other lash extension related products including our exclusive Ellipse Lash line and all other Mink individual lashes. Our Ellipse Lashes make a great combination with our iLash volumes to create that perfect Hybrid lash set. iLashstore is an exclusive distributor for BL Lashes (Formerly Blink Lashes) and we carry all types of BL Lashes including their popular BL Lashes Fine Mink laser lash. We carry all of the best eyelash extensions that you need for your lash business to create an outstanding and professional lash application. Choose from a selection of the best eyelash extension, lash lift, lash tint and microblading products on the market.

Our iLashstore is one of the largest eyelash extension vendors on the web. Our lash products include everything you need for your lash business to create that perfect look, including professional eyelash glues (eyelash adhesives), sticky under eye pads, gel eyelash removers and much more. Our Mega Volume lashes and Premade Volume Fan lashes that add incredible volume, widening and brightening the eyes. iLashstore.com carries products for professional makeup artists and all other professionals alike, including eyelash extension kits, hybrid Lashes, and premade volume fans, all at affordable prices. iLashstore also offers eyelash extension supplies wholesale, please inquire for more information. Browse from our extensive collection of eyelash extension kits and the best eyelash extension products.

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