Premades or Individual Volume Lashes, what's right for you?

Posted by iLashstore on 5th Nov 2021

What lash is right for you?  Well, it depends on a few factors:1. Cost - Premades are much more expensive per lash than individual volume lashes. However, premades can save a bunch of time on you … read more

A Lash Retention Secret: Extension Base

Posted by iLashstore on 8th Sep 2021

Have you been looking for a product that will speed up your eyelash glue drying time? How about helping release the lashes off of the tray easier? Then look no further. The Lash Extension Base pr … read more

How to Correctly attach lash extensions |

Posted by BL Blink Lashes on 30th Aug 2021

Every lash artist wants to achieve that perfect bond between natural lashes and extensions. But even the best consultations and the perfect design can end with premature shedding. This stressful side … read more

2021 Lash Trends Predictions

Posted by BL Blink Lashes on 22nd Apr 2021

2021 Lash Trends PredictionsIf there's one thing worth celebrating about the dreadful year of 2020, it's that we've all had more time to think about what makes us truly happy. We predict that in 2021 … read more

Ways to Improve Your Lash Extension Isolation Skills

Posted by BL Blink Lashes on 4th Nov 2020

Ways to Improve Your Lash Extension Isolation SkillsNo lash technician wants to become infamous for a botched job, especially such a rookie mistake as lash stickies. Not only are stuck-together lashes … read more