iLash Ellipse Lash™ LASHLOCK Eyelash Extensions

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Product Overview

The LashLock Ellipse Lash™ has a beautiful semi-matte sheen that is a shade duller than the Original Ellipse Lash. The LashLock technology puts a saddle or groove on the bottom of the flat lash to wrap around the natural lash for a better hold. These flat lashes are elliptical in shape, creating a flat lash, and give the look of a thicker lash without the added weight, making them very comfortable for the client. These flat lashes are made from an extremely soft material which prevents extra stress on the client’s natural lashes.

The elliptical or flat lash shape allows these lashes to be easily placed on the natural lash for a smooth application. These lashes work great for the classic lash in Hybrid Lash sets. The LashLock Ellipse Lash™ is available in individual length trays as well as mixed trays (8mm-16mm) in multiple curls in a .15mm through .25mm thickness. Buy now and your clients will thank you for these Ellipse Lashes! See a 3D model here: