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iLashstore Makeup and After Care

iLashstore carries a wide variety of Eyelash Extension friendly cleansers, makeup, and after care products. To maintain great eyelash retention, the client needs to make sure they are using the correct products formulated to not harm the lash glue.  Cleansing the lashes with the BL Lashes Lash Foam will remove the day to days oils and makeup that can break down the glue over time. Adding a lash sealer to the daily routine like the BL Lashes Black Diamond Sealer will also help protect your valuable lash investment. Daily care of cleansing and sealing as well as avoiding oily makeup products will help prolong the life of your eyelash extensions. We also carry a few options for Lash Growth products, to help maintain a healthy set of natural lashes.  If you are in need of a lash tint, we carry the Godefroy products found here.