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Combine the best of our Ellipse LashLock lashes with our iLash Volume Lashes to make that perfect Hybrid Lash Set.

What is a Hybrid Lash Set? A Hybrid Lash treatment is a combination of two techniques. These techniques include the Volume (SVS or Russian) and Classic lash extension techniques. Combining the best from both treatments, Hybrid lashes will give you Volume and Length, resulting in a wispy, textured look. For more information please see our "What is a Hybrid Lash" page.

Hybrid vs Classic and Volume Hybrid lash extensions create a broken lash line, which appears textured and spiky looking at the same time. The variety of lash looks can raise many questions from your clients so you must discuss what kind of look the client is trying to achieve. If they are on the fence about a Volume set or Classic set then the Hybrid Lash set may be the answer. It's also important to note your client’s natural lashes may be suited to one particular style of lash extensions. Another great option is the use of our Premade Fans.  Our iLash premades are a great choice to use when performing the Hybrid Lash technique. They can be added to places where the natural lashes with classic ‘s applied, are less thick. If your client has tried classic in the past and aren't sure they want to do, hybrid lashes make the perfect lash option.