Eyelash Primers

  • iLash Lash Primer BL Lashes Lash Primer

    BL Lashes Primer 50ml

    $17.49 - $20.49

    BL Lashes Primer Highlights Cleans and disinfects Removes makeup residue Improves lash retention Easy pump dispenser   BL Lashes Primer used to clean & disinfect the client's real lashes. It will help remove any dirt, oil,...

  • Supreme Lash Primer No Scent Supreme Lash Primer Strawberry

    Supreme Eyelash Primer


    Supreme Eyelash Primer 40ml High quality and hypoallergenic primer for ideal preparation. Removes micro proteins such as make up, dirt and oils that prevent the glue from bonding correctly. This is to only be used on the natural lashes or to clean...

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