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BL Lashes Laser Eyelash Extensions

The BL Lashes Laser Mink Lash has a micro laser scribed base that allows the lash glue to grip the lash better which aides in retention.  The BL Lashes classic laser lash is a more rigid and stiff lash that should be used for clients wanting that bold look. carries a wide variety of BL Lashes Laser Lashes, synthetic mink lashes, individual lashes and volume lashes. The BL Lashes Classic Lash category consists of the BL Lashes Fine Mink Laser lash, BL Lashes Silk Plus as well as the BL Lashes Flat Lash. Other popular BL Lashes products include the individual volume lashes as well as the Premade Volume Lashes available in 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D.