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BL Lashes Crystal Drop Coating for Eyelash Extensions

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Product Description

Clear Sealer Highlights

  • Helps prolong the life of lash glues
  • Clear sealant for natural lash
  • Convenient mascara brush applicator 
  • New formula with a conditioning ingredient
  • Worldwide best selling clear retail product

BL Crystal Drop Coating 7ml (After Lash) Clear coating sealant for better retention of eyelash extensions. This sealer coats the lash glue to prevent harmful contaminants from penetrating the glue and breaking it down.  The coating should not be applied until lash glue has completely cured approximately 48 hours depending on the glue.  More...

Additional Description

The client should apply the coating once the glue has completely cured to increase their retention time. Includes a regular mascara brush applicator. Apply every other day for best results. Warning: Sealants may not be compatible with all glues, please check with your manufacturer to confirm compatibility. This worldwide best-selling retail product is an eyelash extension coating sealant that helps prolong the life of new extension lashes by creating a seal around them.This Black Diamond lash extension sealant protects new lashes against sweat, dirt, water and environmental chemicals that may attack lash adhesive. This lash sealant not only gives the eyelash extensions a maximum bond but also gives them a seamless coating. The serum is enriched with essential B vitamins: Panthenol and Biotin, essential acids: Sodium Hyaluronate and Allanton and 6 natural extracts that are proved to assist active hair growth.This scientifically researched combination of ingredients works to nourish, strengthen, and revitalize the lash base. Black Diamond lash sealant will ensure the maximum lash extension retention while promoting healthy, stronger eyelash regrowth. Go to top

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