BL Lashes Primer 50ml

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Product Overview

BL Lashes Primer Highlights

  • Cleans and disinfects
  • Removes makeup residue
  • Improves lash retention
  • Easy pump dispenser


BL Lashes Primer used to clean & disinfect the client's real lashes. It will help remove any dirt, oil, & make-up on the natural lashes which prevent the extensions from adhering to the real lashes. Use immediately prior to your application process.  More...


Additional Description

Clients eyes should be closed when applying primer. It is no secret that the key to longer lasting lashes begins with a clean surface. Apply using 2 micro brushes or Q-Tips (also sold in our store) to clean the lashes. 50ml Size. For longer lasting lashes: Any contamination can drastically reduce the bonding life and strength of any glue.  This can also prevent the bond from grabbing on to the natural lash at all since the adhesive will not bond to a contaminant. Washing the face with a makeup remover or using makeup remover wipes will not remove all contaminates from the lashes.  A primer will need to be used to thoroughly clean the lashes for a proper long lasting bond. Go to top