BL Blink Laser Lashes - U Curl Eyelash Extensions

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You may see a mix of labeling as we change over to our new look. Please rest assured that all products are the same as you have ordered in the past.
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Product Overview

These are individual synthetic mink U curl lashes made from a synthetic PBT fiber. The U Curl is the curliest of the lashes available from BL. These lashes have a luxurious silk strand with medium-soft and natural texture that maintains its curl for the life of the lash.  Lengths available in 8mm-15mm.


 BL Branding:
BL is going through a branding change and the original Blink packaging will slowly be phased out and replaced.  For any order that we are out of stock on the original packaging, we will be including a BL Laser Lash as a replacement..  The new BL Laser lashes are very popular worldwide and are now BL's best selling lash because of the micro laser marks on the base of the lash for the glue to adhere better too. The lash curl, thickness, and length are all the same as the original BL Signature Mink lash. They are compatible with all other original BL Signature minks for application.  If you have any questions or concerns please let us know 888-300-8623.