BL Lashes Premade Volume Lash Fans

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Product Overview

BL Lashes Premade Highlights

  • Apprx 160 Premade fans per tray
  • Fuller, Wispier, more volume
  • .07mm thickness, same weight as 1 .20mm classic
  • Increase your speed on volume
  • Great for Hybrid Lash Sets


BL Lashes Premade Volume Lash Fans are a ‘volume’ series of premade fans that differ from the original premade fans (compared to the Y-lash, W-lash, 5D Lash) as the bonding area of each cluster is shorter than the classic designs. This results are a wider space between each lash than in the original premade fans. It gives a fuller, wispier, more voluminous look. These lashes work great for the volume lash in the Hybrid Lash sets. If you want to increase revenue and customer satisfaction while shortening the application time, this premade volume series is winner!  More...

Additional Description

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