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Nano Mister for Eyelash Extensions


Product Description

Nano Mister for Eyelash Extensions - Hydrogen is a key agent in the curing process of all of our eyelash extension glues. This Nano Mister sprays a fine mist extracting Hydrogen form the water (H2O) to help cure the glue faster by increasing the humidity around the client.  Hydrogen is needed for fast curing so this lash nano mister will help to speed up the curing time for all of our glues.  Gently mist around the client from about 2-3 feet away and do not allow the moisture to build up on the lashes.  Please note that Water can do harm to the lashes before they are fully cured so it is still recommended that the lashes do not get wet for 24 hours.  This Nano mister is a USB type can be charged with any USB charger.