iLash Ellipse Product Eyelash Extension Kit

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Product Overview

iLash Extension Kit Highlights

  • Includes both beginner and pro grade glues
  • Includes all of our best sellers
  • Enough product for 20-25 sets
  • Optional Case for organizing

iLash Ellipse Product Eyelash Kit This is a perfect way to begin your new service/career with our Exclusive Flexbond glues and Ellipse Lash Lock Lashes. This eyelash extension kit will allow you to build up your clientele without having to invest a large amount of money.   More...

Additional Description

You will have enough lashes to do 20-25 full sets and enough liquid product for over 50 sets and/or fills as well as all of the tools needed to continue your business. Please do your research before purchasing an eyelash extension kit, we stand behind all of our products!  Please email us at for more information, or contact us at 888-300-8623 for questions. Digital Product Training Manual for the eyelash extension kit can be downloaded separately. (See Below, and printed receipt when Kit arrives). 

Eyelash Extension Kit Includes:  

  • Flexbond Sensitive Glue Pro Glue
  • Flexbond Ultra Sensitive Glue Beginner GLue
  • iLash Gel glue remover
  • 2 iLash Gel under eye pads
  • 1 Set High Quality Vetus Tweezers 2-SA and 5A-SA
  • Jade stone
  • 25 Jade Stone Covers
  • Large Air Blower
  • 50 pack pink mascara wands
  • 50ml Lash Primer
  • Black Diamond Sealer
  • Crystal Drop Clear sealer
  • 3M Medical Tape
  • 2 Cases Ellipse Lash Lock Mixed Length Lashes (1 Case C.20 1 Case B.20)
  • 1 Denbur Microbrush with dispenser 

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