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BL Lashes Lily Sensitive Glue


Product Description

BL Lashes Lily Glue

  • Safe for sensitive clients
  • Low Viscosity, thin
  • Great retention
  • BL Trainer's favorite
  • Available in 2 sizes

BL Lashes Lash Lily Sensitive Lash Glue is for clients with a sensitivity to other eyelash extension adhesives. Unlike all other sensitive lash glues, the BL Lily Lash Glue has a low viscosity which is a thin, liquid like consistency. Not for self applications.    More...

Additional Description

The Setting time is about 4-5 seconds and depending on the after care and the retention could be up to 2-3 weeks. The retention is improved also, when all the conditions (such as proper application, good aftercare) are met, BL Lily Lash glue can help lash extensions to last up to 2 weeks and longer if the client care is good. This is much longer lasting than any other sensitive glues. The BL Lily glue is only available in a 10g bottle.  Eyelash Glue Ingredients provided by request  Go to top