BL Lashes Glue Exclusive Tape

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Product Overview

BL Lashes Glue Tape

  • Keeps glue dot fresh for longer
  • 3 Rolls per pack
  • Works with all glue types
  • Do NOT use on skin

BL Lashes Glue Tape for Lash Extension helps eyelash extension glue stay in it's perfect droplet shape for a longer period.  The special PE coating on the Glue Tape provided a much smoother surface are and blocks out moisture from entering the tape. NOT TO BE USED ON CLIENT'S FACE More...

Additional Description

Our BL Lashes lab study shows the glue drops on BL Glue tape stay fresh and perfectly round for 20 minutes whereas the glue drops on normal paper tape stay fresh for only 10 minutes.  This is a great product for especially the Russian Volume Lash Artists who usually require a longer application time or new lash artists. Go to top