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BL Lashes FINA Eyelash Glue


Product Description

BL Lashes FINA eyelash glue  is the latest glue from BL Lash Care. Setting time is even faster than the ULTRA glues. FINA has a newly designed bottle for easier disbursement and protection against the lid sticking shut. Super quick setting time for the most advanced and experienced technicians. Very fluid and liquid consistency for a smooth seamless look and application to your lash extensions. With medium/low fumes, it contains less fumes than their other advanced glues yet still has the strong hold. The adhesive bonding strength is Excellent! With proper application, the bonding strength will last the whole life cycle of the natural lash. Formaldehyde Free.  - Eyelash Glue Ingredients provided by request

  • Quick Setting Tech Level: Advanced
  • Color: Black
  • Setting Time: 1+ Second
  • Estimated Durability:  3-6 Weeks
  • Fumes/Irritabilities:  Med/Low
  • Consistency: Liquid/Watery/Thin
  • Shelf Life (Opened): 1-2 Months (Store In Cool/Dry Area) 
  • Shelf Life (Unopened): 6 Months (Store In Cool/Dry Area) 
  • Size: 10g Size
  • Formaldehyde Free.

 This glue is NOT for self applications, it must be used by a licensed professional only.