• Fall in the Volume Lash Lift with Keratin Boost Fall in the Volume Lash Lift with Applicators

    Lash Lift Kit - Fall In the Volume


    Lash Lift Kit Highlights Top Seller year over year Comes with applicators Best Reviews from verified buyers Individual refill products available 20+ Applications in a kit! Fall in the...

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    Amino Lift Amino Lift

    Amino Lifting Lash Lift Kit


    This is a more economical Lash Lift kit without any applicators. The added Amino Acids aid in the softening of the lashes to help them flex over the silicone pad to set the curl. Instructions: 1...

  • Diamond Lash Brown Volume .07mm

    Brown Diamond Volume Silk Lashes


    At .07 thick these BROWN Diamond Silk lashes are thin and lightweight for those who like to "stack" lashes for the Volume effect. With just a "touch" of glue used at the base you can apply...

  • Diamond Silk Dark Brown Diamond Silk Dark Brown

    Diamond Silk Dark Brown Lashes


    These Diamond Silk Dark Brown lashes are a silk lash which is a softer, more flexible lash.  They come in an assorted length pack from 6mm-14mm, available in B,C Curls in .15mm and .20mm.

  • DV Magic Black Coating

    DV Magic Black Coating


    DV Black Sealer Highlights Similar to Black Diamond Coating Less expensive sealer Prolongs glue life Stains the natural lash black DV Magic Black Coating Sealer Similar in...

  • EG Remover EG Remover

    EG Cleansing Remover


    EG Cleansing Remover for Cleaning the brush heads, NOT for the clients lashes. After applying the EG Semipermanent Mascara, soak the brush heads in this remover. Rinse in water and dry before re-use...

  • Grapefruit Eyelash Extension Glue Remover

    Grapefruit - Premium Gel Remover


    Premium Gel Glue Remover WITH a Grapefruit scent 15ml Bottle This is a must for every lash professional, whether removing someone elses messy lash application or just starting over fresh the Gel...

  • HS-10 Elite Eyelash Glue 5g

    HS-10 Elite Eyelash Glue


    HS-10 Elite Glue Tech Level: Advanced Setting Time: 1~2 Seconds Retention: Up to 6 Weeks Color: Black Consistency: Thin, liquid-like Ideal Humidity: 35~55% Shelf Life (Opened): 1-2 Months...

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    HS-16 Elite Eyelash Glue

    HS-16 Elite Eyelash Glue 3g


    The HS-16 Elite Eyelash Glue is just that, it is a fast drying glue with great hold.  This is the latest in the HS glue line with a 1-2 Second dry time and medium fume value. Formaldehyde...