• 3M Hypoallergenic Micropore Tape for Eyelash Extensions

    3M Hypoallergenic Micropore Tape


    3M Hypoallergenic Micropore Tape 1/2" x 10 YD 3m quality added to the tape, and its still the cheapest and best way to protect the natural bottom lashes while applying new lashes. This tape has the...

  • 3M Micropore Kind Removal

    3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape


    3M Micropore Kind Removal Silicone Tape has good adhesion with a "Kind Removal" property to help with the release of the skin. This tape is thin and Hypoallergenic and has no Latex. Size is 1" x 5.5...

  • 3M Microfoam Tape

    3M Microfoam Lash Tape


    This 3m Microfoam tape has multi directional stretching properties that conform to the shape of the skin. The adhesion is very good and material is hypoallergenic without latex. Size is 1" x 5.5...

  • 3M Clear Surgical Tape

    Clear 3M Surgical Tape


    3M Clear Surgical Tape is latex free, hypoallergenic, and transparent.  To be used for pulling the eyelids back to stand the natural lashes up.  This tape is more "sticky" than other tapes,...