iLash Gentle Cream Remover

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Product Overview

This is iLashstore's exclusive Gentle Cream Remover.  This is a great formula that has very little odor and is a cream so it stays on the lash and does not run back in to the eyes.  The cream can be used to remove all eyelash extensions and semi permanent mascara (Lashcara). The wide top bottle is also very convenient to clean the ends of your tweezers while working on the application. For removal instructions see below:


Suggested Removal Procedures- Only to be completed by a Licensed Professional
1. Have the client lay down with eyes closed during removal procedure.
2. With the eyes closed (not yours ) use a Q-Tip and apply the Gel/Cream Remover to top and bottom of
each lash in a upward motion. Allow it to sit for approx 45-90 seconds.
3. Continue to brush upward away from the eye with the Q-Tip and the Glue should begin to
release from the natural lash. Do NOT get it in their eyes or touch any skin!!
4. Once lashes are loose, use your tweezers to remove the remaining lashes and glue.
5. Make sure to have a damp cloth available for the client to immediately clean their eyes off
after the removal.
Note:A Vetus round tip tweezer (2A-SA) can also be used to safely pinch remover on to the lash
and massage it in until the lash releases.


Vetus Tweezer 2A-SA for Removal Only