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5 Pro Tips for better Eyelash Extension Retention

Posted by iLashstore on 13th Jun 2022




1. Environment:  Confirm all room temperature and humidity levels match glue manufacturer recommendations.

2. Glue Love: Shake, Shake, Shake until you can't shake no more. The good stuff is at the bottom of the bottle.

iLash Glue Shaker


3. Clean, Prep, Place: Clean with lash foam, prep with a lash primer, and place with lash base completely in contact with lash.

4. Sealer: Seal the lashes with a sealant to protect from the elements that wreck lash glue.


BL Lashes Primer 50ml


5.  Educate: Teach the client how to take care of their lashes, they are usually the biggest culprit of retention issues.



ThermoPro TP-50 Monitor


Eyelash retention is one of the most important aspects of the eyelash industry. iLashstore carries all the products you need to make sure your clients can retain their lashes as long as possible. We have the tools you will need like the Thermpro temperature and humidity monitor to the sealant that will make the lashes last.


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