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Posted by iLashstore on 13th Jun 2022

Eyelash Extension Retention 3 Part Series - Video 3

Today we are going to talk about client aftercare. The biggest thing with retention is you want to make sure that you are setting your client up for success, especially after they get home. One thing we always recommend is a sealant. A sealant is going to be used at least three times a week to ensure that they're sealing the glue and the lash together, and protecting against any environmental issues. A cleansing foam and a brush will definitely help to make sure that they are keeping their lashes properly clean from any residue makeup or build -up that can occur between fills. And of course we always go through a client aftercare – No mascara – No oil products remember that oil breaks down the glue -No eyelash curler -No touching them with your fingers, because we all have oil on our hands. So when considering these things and you client still has retention issues, this is where as a technician you must make sure you become a detective. Make sure you ask all the questions and see how their aftercare is, as well as how they are treating them at home. A couple things to also consider is that a client will cycle with her cycle. Another thing you want to make sure to consider if any of their medications have changed they will alter how lashes are retained in between each fill.