BL Lily Glue


Product Description

The BL Lily Lash Glue 10g is for clients with a sensitivity to eyelash extension adhesive.  It has a low viscosity which is a thin, liquid like consistency.  The Setting time is 4-5 seconds and depending on the after care the retention could be up to 3 weeks. 

Unlike other sensitive glues in the market, the consistency of BL Lily Lash Glue is very thin and it dries within 4-5 seconds.

The retention is improved also, when all the conditions (such as proper application, good aftercare) are met, BL Lily Lash glue can help lash extensions to last up to 3.5 weeks.

This is much longer lasting than any other sensitive glues.

The BL Lily glue is only available in a 10g bottle.