Microblade Tools

  • Economical Glue Ring Economical Glue Ring

    Economical Disposable Glue/Ink Rings Qty:100


    This is for 100 SIngle Compartment Disposable Rings These are great for use during the eyelash extension application. It is used to hold glue, glue remover or lash primer. Simply put the ring on your less dominant hand & dispense a drop into the...

  • Eyebrow Shaping Razors

    Eyebrow Shaping Razors


    These disposable shaping razors are very sharp and can be sanitized and reused for up to 10 uses each. It's necessary to "clean up" the eyebrow by shaping it to the desired look with the eyebrow razor. Many people will recommend the client get an...

  • MBink Hand Tool MBink Hand Tool

    MBink Hand Tool


    Description:Made of alloy material, it is durable and not damaged easily. This double-ended tattoo pen is easy to use, and you can use it directly with round microblading needle or  flat blade needle, which is the main tool for eyebrow...

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    MBink Client Comfort Ball

    MBink Client Comfort Ball

    Was: $5.99

    Client Comfort (Non-stress) Ball - Or ink drop - whatever you decide to call it is fine. This little ‘extra’ is so nice. Most clients need something to squeeze during the procedure.  

  • Black Pigment Cup Holder

    Black Pigment Cup Holder


    Metal is the safest material to use for your pigment tray because it can be completely sterilized between procedures.  This is one of the options we’ve given you to choose from when deciding how to hold the pigment. The other option is the...