Rapid Dry Serum for Eyelash Glue

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Product Overview

Rapid Dry Serum Highlights

  • Rapidly cures the eyelash glue
  • Lowers the amount of residual fumes
  • Lashes can get wet within 2 hours
  • Quick and Easy application
  • For use with all eyelash  glues found on

Rapid Dry Serum 10ml This is a lashing game changer!  This Rapid Dry serum does just that... rapidly dries your glue!  Just apply the serum at the end of the lashing application and it will speed up the curing process. This Rapid Dry Serum will also aid in better retention by curing the glue quickly, avoiding any contaminants that may affect the glue in the normal 24 hour curing period. Your clients will love the feeling of no fumes when opening their eyes!     More...

Additional Description

Directions: Shake well before each use. After the completion of the application apply a small amount to a disposable micro swab. Brush lightly on the base of all new lashes making sure to contact all new glue. If using before the application apply a small amount to a disposable micro swab and apply to all natural lash bases without running in to eyes. Use dryer to dry solution until it’s dry to the touch, do NOT use a nano mister or glue whitening may occur. Helps instantly cure glue, as well as improve retention. Go to top