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iLash Premade Volume Fan 10D Lashes

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Product Overview

10D Volume Fan Highlights

  • 10 Strands for 4D effect
  • Premade for convenience
  • Improves application speed
  • Small V shaped bases
  • Great for Hybrid Lash Sets
  • 16 line has 320 fans

iLash Premade Volume Lashes are .07mm thick and there are 10 strands of synthetic minks in these premade lashes.  The bases of these 10D premade lashes are connected together with a small amount of adhesive to keep them together when applying. These lashes work great for the volume lash in the Hybrid Lash sets.  Volume fans available in C and D curls 8mm-16mm. Also check out our new MEGA fans or Buy in BULK hereMore...

Additional Description

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