BL Blink Laser Lashes L Curl-Mixed Lengths

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Product Overview

BL Blink Laser Eyelash Extensions L Curl Lashes - Synthetic Faux Minks in assorted lengths 7mm-14mm (L Curl)

The L Curl laser lash is a beautiful curl, similar to the look created by eyelash curlers. These L curl lashes allow you to express maximum volume and a highly natural look for a long bonding life, as its adhesion part is wider enough than any other extension curl type. The L curl lash has a tip that curls much like a B curl whereas the L+ curl has a tip more like a C curl. This is a great buy for someone who needs many different sizes of Synthetic Mink lashes but doesn't want to purchase multiple single size cases. You will get 7mm through 14mm lengths of L Curl lashes.These lashes are individual and must be applied with the proper glue and procedures.