Beauty Wave Eyelash Lamination Lift Kit

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Product Overview

Beauty Wave Eyelash Lamination Lift Kit with Keratin Vitamin and Amino Acids

Our new eyelash lamination lift kit is a simple and safe treatment which smoothens, lifts up and helps to give a visible volume to eyelashes. It will create a beautiful curls from your natural lash. With this kit, curly lashes last up to 6 weeks. Added Keratin Vitamin and Natural Essence will strengthen lashes after perming procedures.

Lash Lifting is a great way to to create a dramatic look without going for false eyelashes. You can also wear mascara after lifting procedure, however do not use waterproof mascara, as it will minimise lifting effect. One of the best things about lash lifting is that you have no restrictions as well as no special care need hence, you can sleep facing in the pillow, swim and rub your eyes.

In this Beauty Wave Lifting Kit you will receive
  • Fixing Gel 8g
  • Wave #1 (15g) cream
  • Wave #2 (15g) cream
  • Natural Essence (15g)
  • Keratin Vitamin (15g)
  • Wave Pads (5 pairs)
  • Strawberry Combi Brush (4ea)
  • Extra : 1 pack of clear silicon lifting pads  (3 pairs size Small , Medium and Large, and 1 silicon lifting tool)

This kit comes in neat retail box with how to use instructions attached.

For certified lash lift Technician/ professional use only