Colored Vetus Eyelash Tweezers

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Product Overview

Eyelash Tweezer 

  • Beautiful unique coloring
  • Fine point tips, just for lashes
  • Made from premium steel
  • Multiple head shapes
  • Sold as 1 Pair

Colored Vetus Eyelash Tweezers A beautiful new look on our favorite isolation tweezers. Vetus now offers 3 unique colors in 4 different styles. The MCS-12, 18, and 19 are 5" long, the MCS-15 are 4-1/2". Compare the MCS-12 to the Silver SS-SA and the MCS-15 to the Silver 7-SA.  More...

Additional Description

Vetus Eyelash Tweezers are made of the finest stainless steel with properties like anti-corrosion, rust-proof, wear-resistant, and hardness strengthened. These tweezers are resistant to most acids and other corrosive agents. Each tweezer has a white plastic protective shell to avoid damaging the tip of these tweezers and avoid accidental stabbing.

  • Straight type Tweezers (I shape): These tweezers have straight fine tips and they allow the artist to easily pick up and place individual extensions on each isolated natural lashes. They are most commonly used for Classic Techniques (1 by 1).
  • Isolation Tweezers (C shape): These are straight tweezers with a slight curve on the underside that allows the artist to place them against the client’s brow without having them extend and rest on the lid of the eye. Whether the artist is applying classic or volume, they will absolutely always want to use isolation tweezers.
  • Curved type Tweezers (S or L shape): These tweezers have the signature curvature at the tip, allows artists to pick up and grip multiple lash extensions at one time- Excellent for Volume lashing. They make it easy to create a lash fan and to manipulate multiple lash extensions at a time. Go to top