Wink Me Lint Free Eye Patches - Gel Pads (5 Pairs) NEW

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Product Overview

Pad Highlights

  • Comfortably holds down lashes
  • Shaped for the eye
  • Super Flexible 
  • Safe ingredients
  • Lint Free

Wink Me Lint Free Eye Patches - Gel Pads (5 Pairs) NEW Style New for 2019 Wink-me eye patches are extra thin to provide maximum comfort to a lash extension client. They are very light and super flexible to work with yet has improved holding, so it won't move during the application.  More...

Additional Description

These patches contain ingredients with all less than 2 EWG level, which is a great indicator to show the safety of the ingredients and that makes these patches perfect for those clients who are sensitive to cosmetic ingredients. Our eyepatch has a lint-free coating, designed to prevent tweezers from becoming entangled in the fibers during application leading to a hassle-free application. Enjoy a seamlessly soothing extension experience with BL lint-free eye patch. 5 pairs per box. Go to top