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BL Lashes Under Eye Gel Pads


Product Description

1 Box of NEW STYLE BL Lashes Lint Free eye patch - under eye Gel Pads (5 pair per box)

Shaped as an ultra-deep symmetric curve to perfectly fit the under-eye shape, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit, BL RENEWED Lint-Free eye patches are extra thin to provide maximum comfort to a client. They are very light and super flexible to work with yet has improved holding, so it won't move during the application.

These patches contain ingredients with all less than 2 EWG level, which is a great indicator to show the safety of the ingredients and that makes these patches perfect for those clients who are sensitive to cosmetic ingredients. 

Our eye pad has a lint-free coating, designed to prevent tweezers from becoming entangled in the fibers during application leading to a hassle-free application. Enjoy a seamlessly soothing extension experience with BL Lashes lint-free eye patch.





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