Lash Lift Kit - Fall In the Volume


Product Description

Fall in the Volume Lash Lift Kit offers a beautiful long lasting lash lift to those clients who do not want extensions.  This kit will give you everything you need to give a beautiful long lasting lift (3-4 Weeks) and comes with step by step directions.


1- 5g Fixing Gel

1- 4g Cream #1 (Lift Cream)

1- 4g Cream #2 (Lift Cream)

1- 4g Pure Essence (Set Liquid)

1- 4g Keratin Boost (Nutrient Boost)

1- 4g Tint,Coating (This is not a permanent tint)

2- Mix packs of silicone curling rods (Reusable if sanitized)

50- Lip Gloss Applicators

10- Cuticle Application Sticks


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This product is NOT for self applications. This is to be used by licensed professionals only.


 A similar product application can be watched here: