Individual Loose Lashes

  • BL Individual Loose Lash BL Individual Loose Lash

    BL Lashes Individual Synthetic Loose Lash

    $18.99 - $34.99

    These BL Lashes Individual Synthetic Loose Eyelash Extensions give a natural mascara look with a rigid curl. These Blink lashes are made from the exact same Korean PBT fiber as our classic lashes in the trays. These individual synthetic BL Lash loose...

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    BL Lash Silicon Pad

    BL Silicone Lash Pad for Loose Lash


    This BL Silicone Lash Pad helps the individual loose lashes stand up so you can pick them up easier.  This anti static pad will help the loose lash stand upright for easy picking with tweezers, and the soft texture of the silicone will prevent any...

  • BL Lash Pad

    BL Lash Pad


    BL lash pad is made from silicone material pad that will help pick up Loose Lashes without damaging your tweezers.

iLashstore Individual Loose Lashes

iLashstore carries the BL Lashes brand Individual Loose Lashes.  These loose classic lashes have been around since lashes first started showing up in salons.  The loose form allows you to get more lashes for the money and are considered a "bulk" package.  Even though there are many other options available with the tray lashes, these loose lashes remain very popular for large salons.