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BL Lashes Start Up Kit


Product Description

BL Lashes Start-Up Kit for eyelash extension training.  Set yourself up for success! The BL Lashes Start-up eyelash extension kit includes everything you need to enter the world of eyelash extension. They carefully selected products for this kit, BL Lash Start-Up Kit is packed with only absolute essentials.


The BL Lashes Start-Up Kit includes:

1 x BL Lashes Laser Mink Lash: B-Curl x 0.15 x 7~14mm (Mixed length tray)

1 x BL Lashes Fina Glue (10g)

1 x Vetus tweezer [SS-SA / I type]

1 x Vetus tweezer [2-SA / A type]

1 x Crystal Plate

1 pack x Glue Plate Film(SW-L) - (30 pcs in 1 pack)

1 x BL Lashes Lash Holder (Small)

1 x BL Lashes Silicone work pad (Gray, Small) 

1 x 3M Paper Tape

1 x Scissors

1 x Crystal Brush (White)

1 x Micro Swab (Black-1.5mm)

1 box x BL Lashes LINT-FREE EYE PATCH (5 pairs in 1 box)

1 x BL Lashes Lash Primer(50ml)

1 x BL Lashes Cream Remover Plus (10g)

2 x Practice Lash (UN-14)

1 x Mannequin Head

1 x Silver Beauty Case