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Hazardous Waste Bags (Pack of 50)


Product Description

Product features

  • Biohazard waste disposal bags
  • 7-10 gallon capacity with biohazard universal symbol label/marking
  • Flat dimensions of bag (unopened) 24-inches length by 24-inches width
  • Up to 45 pounds weight capacity; 12 microns
  • Bag labeled in English and Spanish

Product description

First Voice biohazard waste bags with Spanish/English labeling. Red isolation infectious waste bags/biohazard bags are a must for any hospital, nursing home, lab, or medical facility. High density isolation liners provide maximum film strength for tough applications. They feature star seal bottoms which allow equal weight distribution and leak resistance. These bags are red to indicate use for infectious waste or hazardous waste. Bilingual (English and Spanish) descriptions and the universal biohazard symbol are featured to help ensure complete understanding for safety and proper use. Each bag measures 24-inches length by 24-inches width. 12 microns.