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Lash Station


Product Description

Plastic Lash Holder Highlights

  • U Shaped Smooth Surface
  • Jade stone holder
  • Organised by length
  • Spreads lashes open for easier grabbing
  • Works with any tray/strip lash

Lash Holder finally a Lasher's best friend! This Lash Station gives you a place to put your Jade Stone as well as a dome shaped plate for the lash strips. Easily organize your lashes by length with 8 marked positions for the organization of the lash strips. Sizes labeled 8mm-15mm for easy placement and retrieval of lash strip. The dome shape fans out the lashes for the ease of picking them up off of the strip. More...

Additional Description

Material: Plastic
Color: Transparent
Quantity: 1Pc
Item Size: Approx. 8cm * 5cm thick 
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