BL Lashes Silver Beauty Case

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Product Overview

BL Lashes Silver Beauty Case

Do you need a portable storage solution with a large compartment? We think the BL Silver Beauty Case is perfect for you.

The BL Lashes Silver Beauty Case is made of a fine aluminum frame, reinforced corners, heavy-duty tray, solid pull handle. The surface is oxidized and processed precisely. It is constructed with hardware fittings. 

The 4-ways accordion fold-out style compartments for easy access to products and tools. The Silver Beauty Case has a large bottom compartment, 4 extendable trays allow you to store everything you have for travel-work session.

Easily open-lock from the top of the case, two locks to make 

Size: 26.7*16.5*19 cm / 10.5*6.5*7.5 inches