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Posted by BL Blink Lash on 2nd Mar 2020

How To Use Different Types of Premade Lashes by BL Blink Lash

What is pre-made lash

Premade fans, aka premade volume lashes, are built by a lash extension supplier in advance and delivered to the artist ready to be dipped and placed on a client’s lash. They attach to the natural lash in the same way that a classic semi-permanent lash does.

Premade Volume lashes are multiple eyelashes attached to one eyelash. They are applied to individual and isolated eyelashes. There are usually 2-6 eyelash extensions placed on every natural lash for volume sets, depending on the desired look. These ultra-fine lashes are very light and don’t weigh down or damage the natural lash.

That makes premade lashes a speedy volume treatment, offering the look of volume lashes, which is great for clients who cannot lay down for long hours for a full set of Russian Volume.

How is premade lash produced

The process for creating premade fans is similar to that of strip lashes. Premade lash fans are then either heat-bonded or connected via a small amount of adhesive. The finished product is shipped out on a tray, similar to strips of lashes.

Different types of premade lash extensions

  • Long stem (narrow fan): Creates a bold eyeliner effect volume set (BL 5D Lash, Glam 5D Lash)

Narrow fan premade lash from BL Lashes

Semi-narrow fan premade volume lash from bl lashes

  • Medium stem (Medium width fan): Create a Natural yet voluminous set (BL Level 5D)

natural premade lash from bl lashes

  • Short stem (wide fan): Create a fluffy and natural volume set (BL Volume 2D~20D)

volume 5d lash for fluffy premade lash

Is cluster lash also premade lash?

Technically say, yes. Cluster lashes are the first form of ‘premade’ volume lashes.

However, cluster lashes are made from a plastic-ky material called PET, and its bulky ‘tab’ like base can grab multiple eyelashes at once and cause follicle tension, furthermore premature lash loss.

The bulky base design of the cluster lashes has evolved, and it became a much lighter base as the premade lashes we know now.

However, premade lashes are NOT cluster lashes. The premade fans are made from premium PBT material, which is much more expensive and soft, engineered to be more resistant against heat, impact, and chemicals.

As a result, premade lashes are much lighter and finer at the base as well as being a much higher quality product with no kinks in the lashes.

Is premade lash safe?

Yes, but just like with any lash extension application, premade volume fans should be applied with the correct application technique.

Any damage will only happen if you are applying premade lashes in the wrong ways, like applying too much adhesive or applying with improper isolation, or applying without considering the client’s lash condition.

Here are some tips when you use premade volume lashes.

  • Choose a fan with the right thickness/weight for your client’s natural lash.
  • NEVER apply one volume fan on multiple natural lashes. Good isolation and minimal glue mean the risk of damage is much lower.
  • Do not put too much glue. It will make the base of the fan too heavy.
  • Opt for thin consistency glues like Ultra Plus, Ultra X. It will prevent getting too much glue on the base of the fan.

Benefits of using premade volume lashes

  1. Speed. This is because a full volume set created with premade lashes takes approximately the same amount of time as a full set of classic lashes.
  2. It can cover bare spots easily. (when a customer is missing some natural lashes and have a ‘patchy’ lashes, using a premade lash fan can easily cover this bare spot)
  3. A wide variety of volume lash stylings:
  • Natural look with 2D-3D volume lashes
  • Show-stopping eyeliner look with long-stem lashes
  • Fluffy, voluminous look with short-stem lashes
  • Kim Kardashian inspired look by mixing wide fan volume lashes and narrow fan volume lashes