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Posted by BL Lash Mi-Joo Choi on 16th Dec 2019

Eyelash Extension Removal | iLashStore

Professional Eyelash Adhesive Remover & How to Remove Lash Extensions Safely

The key mission of a professional eyelash adhesive remover is to remove lash extensions and any trace of glue from natural eyelashes.

You may have learned during your course that eyelash extensions have to be removed after two or three weeks of wear because of the growth cycle of natural eyelashes. Therefore, in about two weeks, some extensions will have already fallen out and some will have grown out and ruined the overall design. In this case, these extension lashes should be removed.

In the age of the internet, there are hundreds of blog posts and YouTube videos on how to remove eyelash extensions at home without visiting the salon. These homemade methods can be highly misleading and often VERY dangerous to the applicants (and to our industry).

As a lash professional, it is our duty to educate ourselves with the correct knowledge and also to share the information with our clients for their safety and wellbeing.

With that in mind, read and follow below instruction to use professional eyelash adhesive removers correctly and safely.

First, what does eyelash adhesive remover do?

Professional eyelash adhesive removers soften the hard bonds from the adhesive so that extensions slide off safely. Using tweezers to manually remove extensions is not advised since it can cause damage and stress to natural lashes. Damaged natural lashes can be a major factor for short retention span, so it is always recommended to remove eyelash extensions by using the professional eyelash adhesive removers.

3 types of professional eyelash adhesive removers

Liquid type:

Liquid type eyelash adhesive remover can soak into the bonds easily and it quickly removes the unwanted extensions. It is especially effective when removing partial extensions as the thin liquid consistency doesn’t interfere with other extensions. (use a micro swab for this!)

However, liquid type remover can run and irritate the eye more easily, so clients should be sitting up when this product is applied. Liquid type remover is recommended to be used by highly experienced professionals only.

Gel Type:

Popular gel-type eyelash adhesive remover is used to remove the partial or entire set of eyelash extensions. Shake the bottle well before the use and allow the gel to sit approximately 2-5 minutes before attempting to remove the extension from the natural lash.

Its consistency is thick enough to sit on the lashes but if the remover is applied on the lashes for too long, texture can turn watery and irritate the eye, so It is recommended to be used by experienced professionals.

Cream Type:

The safest cream-type eyelash adhesive remover is used to remove the entire set of eyelash extensions. This thick cream-like consistency remover is easy to apply and sits on the lashes very well without running into eyes.

We recommend the cream type eyelash adhesive remover to all levels of lash professionals.

How to use eyelash adhesive remover

*This instruction is for the Gel or Cream type eyelash adhesive removers only!

  1. Prepare a professional eyelash adhesive remover.

How to remove eyelash extensions

2. Place under-eye pads and tape or cotton pads on top of the eye pads.

How to remove eyelash extensions

3. Set a drop of professional eyelash adhesive remover on a plate film.

How to remove eyelash extensions

4. Apply the remover on eyelash extensions by using a micro swab.

How to remove eyelash extensions by bl lashes

5. Wait for approx. 3 minutes.

How to remove eyelash extensions by bl lash supplies

6. Use a swab or tweezers to remove the extensions.

How to remove eyelash extensions by bl lash suppliesHow to remove eyelash extensions by blink bl lash supplies

7. Use a fresh lint-free swab to clean up any remaining eyelash adhesive remover on the natural lashes.

How to remove eyelash extensions by blink bl lashes

8. Soak a cotton pad or cotton swab in water and rinse the natural lashes thoroughly

How to remove eyelash extensions by blink bl lashes

9. Dry the wet lashes with a mini fan and brush the lashes

How to remove eyelash extensions

10. You are set!

Pro tips on how to use eyelash adhesive remover

  • Constantly rubbing off the extensions right after applying the remover can cause the blooming effect. You must wait at least 2~5 minutes before you remove the extensions.
  • Cleanse the remover from the natural lashes thoroughly before applying any liquid (water, lash foam) on the lashes. Remaining remover on the lashes can cause a blooming effect.
  • If you don’t cleanse or rinse off the remover properly, it could affect the retention of your next set! Cleanse the remover from the natural lashes thoroughly!


  • Close the lid tight after the use. Eyelash adhesive removers are solvent and contacting air to the product will start deteriorating the property.
  • In rare cases, due to its solvent nature, eyelash extension removers can cause the air in the container to expand. It won’t affect the quality of the product, but be aware that it can discharge a rather large amount of it. (But again, in rare cases).

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions by our customers

What is the expiration date of eyelash adhesive remover?

When the bottle of adhesive remover is unopened, you can keep it up to 2 years and once opened, we recommend using it within 6 months. But please note that the shelf-life of the product is always dependable on how you store the product. For the optimal condition of the product, keep the remover out of the direct sunlight and keep it in a cool and dry place.

Can I remove my eyelash extensions at home?

Removing your own lash extensions using the professional eyelash extension remover poses the HUGE risk of damaging not only your natural lashes but also the eyes. We advise strongly against it.

Besides DIY-ing your own extension removal by the professional remover, attempting to remove eyelash extensions with olive oil, coconut oil, or any other kind of over-the-counter product will likely not end well. Removing eyelash extensions by yourself can pull out your natural lashes and it can lead to bald spots that may never grow back.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@lashstore.com Happy lashing, everyone!