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Posted by iLashstore on 8th Sep 2021

A Lash Retention Secret: Extension Base

Have you been looking for a product that will speed up your eyelash glue drying time? How about helping release the lashes off of the tray easier? Then look no further. The Lash Extension Base products carried by iLashstore.com will do just that... help with retention

What does this Extension Base do?

  • Speeds up glue setting time
  • Improves lash glue bonding strength
  • Removes any contaminates from Synthetic Lash
  • Removes sticky strip glue and releases lash from strip

When you lash in low humidity conditions the glue tends to dry much slower.  When you prep your synthetic lash with an Extension Base product you are helping to speed up the cure time when the glue hits the prep'd lash. This also helps with Sensitive glue dry time, since sensitive lash glues dry much slower.

How does Lash Extension Base work?

A nail tech will rough up a fake nail to allow the glue to attach better, and hold for much longer.  The same theory applies here, the lash extension base "roughs" up the synthetic lash for better retention. The lash extension base creates micro indentations on the surface of the synthetic lash allowing the glue to grip better.

How to use the lash Extension Base

  1. Apply a small amount of Lash Base to a micro swab or micro brush
  2. Apply the lash extension base to the base of the SYNTHETIC lashes on the strip. Do not over wet them!  Just a small amount does the trick.
  3. Allow the solution to dry for at least 1 minute.  The lash extension base will evaporate and dry out fairly quickly if only a small amount is applied.
  4. Make sure to never make contact with any skin or eyes.

You can find these great products as well as many more at iLashstore.com!