BL Classic Pro Kit

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BL Classic Pro Kit for eyelash extension training.  Classic Pro Kit.  BL Classic Pro Kit is designed for the lash artists of today. They have removed anything unnecessary and added the latest most-used products. This eyelash extension kit contains the essential materials and tools required for becoming a classic lash artist.


The BL Classic Pro Kit includes:

1 x Lash Primer (50ml)

1 x Laser Mink Lash: C-Curl x 0.15 x 7~14mm (Mixed length tray)

1 x DIU Glue [10g]

1 x Vetus tweezer [SS-SA / I type]

1 x Vetus tweezer [2-SA / A type]

1 x Crystal Plate

1 x Lash Holder (Small)

1 x Silicone work pad (Gray, Small) 

1 pack x Glue Tape (3 pcs)

1 x 3M Paper Tape

1 x 3M Plastic Tape

1 x Crystal Brush (White)

1 x Micro Swab (Black-1.5mm)

1 x Lint Free Applicator (Black)

1 box x BL LINT-FREE EYE PATCH (5 pairs in 1 box)

1 x Lash Foam (100ml)

1 x Lash Pore Brush

1 x Extension Base (Citrus, 15ml)

1 x Cream Remover Double Plus (30g)

1 x BL Eye Makeup Remover Pad (50ea)

1 x Silver Beauty Case