Denbur Magic Micro Brush

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Product Overview

Magic-Brush is an exclusive double bending disposable micro swab applicator. There are two indentations on the applicator: one on the handle, and the other on the neck. The indentations allow the applicator to bend easily in two separate areas independently or simultaneously. The double bending feature on these micro swabs is useful for applications from the lingual, for example. There are two “pillars” surrounding the indentations which work as a “locking notches” when the applicator is bent to help maintain the bending position constant. Contains 100 brushes.


Small 1.0mm Silver

Medium 1.5mm Teal

Large 2.0mm Blue

For use with the single take and double take micro swab dispensers.


single-take-1.jpg.png       dbl-take-1.jpg.png