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Low quality eyelash glue can make even the highest quality eyelash extensions appear unprofessional. iLashstore wants everyone to achieve their best look, which is why we carry only the highest quality professional eyelash glues. Customers know that when they purchase professional eyelash glue from us, they are getting a high quality product that will safely secure any eyelash extension to natural eyelashes.

Our inventory of professional eyelash glues includes products from some of the top manufacturers within the makeup industry. Find various professional glues from well-known manufacturers like Blink, Flexbond, and HS Brand. These companies have been creating and manufacturing professional eyelash glues for decades.

Professional makeup artists encounter clients with various needs when it comes to eyelash extension application. iLashstore prides itself on carrying a variety of products, which will allow professional makeup artists to meet the needs of their current clients.

Makeup artists with clients that are extremely sensitive to the fumes created by professional glues may consider using low-fume glues. Blink, Flexbond, and HS Brand all create low-fume glues which are great for clients with allergies or sensitivity to high fumes.

Applying heavy eyelash extensions or multiple eyelash extension can be difficult, as some glues may not create a strong enough bond to attach the lashes. iLashstore offers professional makeup artists a variety of high-quality professional-grade glues that are uniquely designed to create long-lasting bonds. These glues are great for artists who want to achieve a bold look by adhering multiple layers of lashes to each eye.

The products found at iLashstore can be used with any type of eyelash extension from most manufacturers. Whether you are trying to apply single eyelash extensions or extensions from trays, the glues found on our site will help you secure these extensions in place for a smooth, polished look.

Just because you are shopping for professional eyelash glue doesn't mean you have to pay top dollar. iLashstore offers you access to the highest quality eyelash glue which is available at wholesale prices. This allows you to save money without having to compromise by purchasing a lower quality eyelash glue.

Purchasing products at wholesale prices isn't the only advantage you receive when shopping at iLashstore. You also have access to our money-back guarantee. Most products purchased at iLashstore come with a money-back guarantee. If the product doesn't work as expected or you are disappointed for whatever reason, you can return it to us for an exchange or a full refund. 

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